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Paternity Law in Texas

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Paternity-related issues are often of great significance during family law disputes in Texas. When parents are not married or paternity is in doubt, it is tough to determine the legal rights and obligations of either parent. For example, if a father has not supported his child financially, a mother may first need to establish paternity to have the court issue a child support order. Conversely, an unwed father seeking to establish his parental rights may need to prove his own paternity in order to gain custody or visitation rights.

At The Davis Law Firm, our family lawyer in Cedar Park has nearly two decades of experience with helping clients facing paternity issues. Whether you are looking to establish, contest, enforce, or modify a child custody or support order, we can help you today. We have a firm grasp of all the related laws, paperwork, and procedures, and can effectively guide you throughout the legal process. We have the experience and skills necessary to help you resolve your paternity matter in a timely and professional manner.

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Paternity Laws in Texas

In Texas, there are three ways to establish paternity:

  • Paternity by court order
  • Paternity by presumption
  • Paternity by acknowledgment

During the process of establishing paternity via court order, a court can establish parentage, which is usually done by genetic tests. Paternity by presumption essentially means that a man is presumed, by Texas courts, to be the father of a child if he’s married to the child’s mother and the child was born during their marriage or soon after their marriage. However, a man can typically challenge the presumed paternity within four years of the child’s birth. Paternity by acknowledgment is simple and it occurs when the father and mother of a child both sign an official document that states that he is indeed the father.

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